Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

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There are numerous places to purchase pepper spray, however , you won't find it at most from your local retail stores. You won't discover "The Pepper Spray Store" at your local mall. Pepper spray, a non-lethal personal security product, along with individual security and protection, tend to be things that most people don't want to discuss. Nobody believes that she (or he) will be a victim.

But for individuals wise ones who wish to be well prepared in case, below are a few places to buy pepper spray:

• Your local gun store/range together with guns, ammo, targets, products, it likely may have a variety of sprays.
• The local sporting goods store if this particular shop carries firearms and supplies, it most likely will also carry pepper sprays. This is also good for hikers, backpackers, and so on. who frequently may be alone in a remote area and require some form of defense.
• eBay-not an excellent choice, but a good beginning
• On the internet web sites look for all those selling personal security and safety products, most will have many different types and also sizes.
• Security seminars these might be via work or at the library for free. Quite often the actual speaker has items to promote following the safety workshop. This is where I bought my first pepper spray.
• Flea marketplaces & swap meets

Since there are so many sizes and also types of pepper spray, you need to think about how and when you might need to make use of it. There are also pepper gels and pepper foam, possessing various kinds of coverages and spray ranges. Sprays vary from 10% to 18% strength, plus some have identifying dyes as well as tear gas contained in the spray. Additionally, your own state may have restrictions about the type and strength of the actual pepper spray, therefore be sure you check. Sizes vary from ½ oz. or more. There are sprays which affix to your own key chain, several that attach to your vehicle sun shield, and also bigger ones to retain in a secure location in your own home. Whatever size spray you're considering, make sure you try a practice spray in a safe place so you're ready should you ever need it.

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Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

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This article was published on 2011/01/09