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With the crime levels increasing, especially in large cities, people are becoming more concerned about their safety. They may feel scared to use public transportation, particularly at night. Having triple action pepper spray in their pocket or purse can help them feel a bit better when in public. This form of protection works much better than regular pepper sprays at preventing your from being kidnapped, mugged, or bothered by strangers.

Triple action spray works well against anyone trying to harm you in three different ways. The OC pepper ingredient makes it unable for the stranger to open their eyes if it gets on their face. It can also cause coughing, choking, and retching, deterring anyone from messing with you. The second powerful ingredient is CN tear gas. This can make you feel as though your entire face is on fire. It will also cause a large amount of tearing and a feeling of being disoriented and confused.

The most unique attribute of this triple action formula that makes it so different from other pepper sprays is the UV dye that is included. When spraying at the assailant, the dye will stain their skin and clothing. This makes them easier to identify when captured by the police. It would be hard to get away once you have informed the cops you have used triple action pepper spray on the person. Plus, with this ingredient, it is not necessary to shoot the stranger directly in the eye in order for it to be effective.

Pepper sprays are so effective because they are easy to carry. Most come in small bottles that can fit perfectly in a pocket or purse. Some even come with a loop so they can be added to a key chain. Others come with a carrying case that has a belt loop for easy transport. The bottles vary in size so that you can purchase different sizes to carry with you in different locations. You can even have a larger bottle at your home in the event that someone tries to break in. The 11 gram bottles allow you to spray the liquid 5 times, and up to 12 feet away.

As you can see, triple action spray is very beneficial for you to carry with you at all times. You never know when you may be out in public alone and confronted by someone who wants your money, car, or belongings, or worse, you. Pepper sprays are designed to discourage people from being able to harm or steal from you, and the ones that have triple actions formulas tend to be more effective than regular varieties. It is ideal to have a bottle in your car, home, and pocket in case you finding yourself in a scary situation.
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Triple Action Pepper Spray

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This article was published on 2010/12/13