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The crime rate in the United States has dropped slowly over the last five years, but still remains a risk we all have to face every day. Violent crimes still occur, and statistics show that it is not gender-specific or age discriminating. Most major cities in the United States have beefed up their police forces and have implemented more secure measures against the possibility of violent crimes.

This may be a relief for some, but these criminal activities still occur all too often. Women are still being victimized by armed criminals, gangs, and at college campuses and workplaces. There has to be a way a woman can protect herself without needing a handgun or other dangerous device or taking expensive and time consuming classes that expose her to injury and embarrassment. Who has the time?

Pepper spray however,  is one highly effective tool that has been in use for  decades, and is used by most law enforcement personnel today. This highly irritating substance can blind and incapacitate dangerous criminals for several minutes to hours while the officers can subdue them. It has no lasting or damaging effects, and  can render attackers helpless. It is a suspension of capsaicin, or the chemical that makes chili peppers hot.

This is great news for women. You can purchase a very strong and effective pepper spray in a convenient and easy to use form. Lipstick Pepper Spray Hearts are a disguised form of the above mentioned canister. It has a volatile mixture of capsaicin, which measured 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units( that's 2 million SHU). For comparison, a Jalapeño pepper is about 3000 SHU. Can you imagine getting Jalapeño juice in your eyes? Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have used a powerful ammunition for riot control that is around 1 million units, so imagine what the offender feels when he or she gets hit in the face with this spray.

The sprayer is exposed by removing the lipstick cap. Then it is just a matter of pointing and pressing the nozzle. The pepper mixture streams out to 10 to 12  feet, which is more than enough room to keep the offender from reaching you. One blast of this spray and he or she is down to their knees, holding their face groaning in pain. This gives the sensation of burning in the eyes,nose and mouth so the discomfort level is intense. The mucous membranes become swollen making it difficult to breathe. No one in this condition is attacking anyone else. Another wonderful aspect of the Lipstick Pepper Spray Heart is that it has an Ultra Violet dye that can help police identify a malefactor much later, even when the effects of the capsaicin have worn off. All they need to do is shine an ultra violet light, or black light, on the suspects face and upper body so the dye will glow. It will remain on the subject for days.

The lipstick canisters come in a variety of colors, and make a fine gift for someone you care about. Every female should carry one for their protection, especially in the big city, on campus, or going shopping. For your peace of mind, or the peace of mind of someone you love, carry a Lipstick Pepper Spray Heart in your purse or pocket. The violent criminals will never know what hit them. 

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Lipstick Pepper Spray Hearts

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This article was published on 2010/04/01